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ECU Remapping

Welcome to 'LTC-Remapping-Service'. LTC offer an unbeatable engine tuning service to provide more power to under-powered engines or better fuel economy to those who are looking to reduce fuel costs. Why is the ECU remapping service we offer better than the others? It’s simple - each customer receives a customised remap which provides only the best results. Not only this, but our all inclusive price includes a technician travelling to your location and a full 14 day money-back guarantee.

ECU remapping is a service available for the large majority of modern vehicles registered from around the year 2000.

Car / Bike Tyres

Our technicians have developed a way of optimising the settings stored in your Car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) so that your car will be more fuel efficient.

Typically you will gain an
extra 6 - 10 MPG (or as
much as 10%) after
re-mapping your car.

Alloy Wheels

In addition to giving you better fuel efficiency, these optimisations will drastically improve your cars performance, giving you typically up to 20% more BHP and torque, making
your car far more responsive.

Click the link below to see
exactly how much power
your car will gain from


During the remapping we also smooth out the power graph, and this in combination with the extra power gained makes for a car that is instantly more
‘drivable’! Both motorway
and city driving benefit
equally from remapping,
and we especially
recommend it for towing.

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