All season and Winter Tyres available

We have snow due this weekend is your car prepared for the winter?

Can you risk being stuck this winter? maybe its time to get winter tyres or all season tyres fitted to your vehicle?

All season and Winter Tyres available from £45!!

Most sizes available call us on 01384 898014

LTC have huge range of premium economy low temperature winter tryes available prices start from :

All Prices include fitting and vat.

Most UK cars are fitted with summer tyres, and some with all-season tyres.

But winter tyres are designed specifically to remain supple in colder temperatures and maximise traction when driving on snow and ice.

The key differences are: they use a softer rubber compound (usually by including more natural rubber in the mix) the surface of the tread blocks

is covered with little jagged slits – called sipes they generally have deeper tread grooves than conventional summer tyres.

Winter tyres provide improved grip on wet and ice-covered surfaces is the sipes, which provide hundreds of small extra 'edges' to grip the road as the tyre rotates.

Are they just for snow and ice? No. They are designed for use in all winter conditions, tyre manufacturers claim this means any weather below 7 C.

Winter tyres are particularly useful if you live in remote areas and are at risk of being cut off in bad weather without a functioning vehicle.

LTC Supply and Fit Tyres, Exhausts, Brakes, Wheels, Wheel bolts, Wheel Nuts and Much more. LTC offer a fitting service at our purpose built fitting centre located in the West Midlands.

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