Maxxis Lifetime Guarantee Registration

Peace of mind from Maxxis at no extra cost and FREE wheel alignment check and tyre safety check for lifetime of tyre with LTC tyres. If wheel alignment adjustments are required on the vehicle a no obligation quote will be provided. We are so confident in the quality, reliability and durability of Maxxis products that we have no hesitation in offering a replacement guarantee if our tyres are found wanting in terms of manufacture or materials.

This confidence is based on the knowledge that Maxxis tyres undergo such a rigorous development process before being brought to market. This cornerstone of Maxxis corporate strategy has been pivotol in its success and continues to raise the bar for standards in the whole industry.

The Maxxis Guarantee

The Maxxis Guarantee - Click to reveal T&C's
  1. Maxxis will replace a tyre which demonstrates a defect due to the manufacturing process or materials used.
  2. Maxxis will replace a tyre which show irreparable damage resulting from normal road use.
This guarantee operates independently of the purchase date and is non transferable from the party named on the guarantee certificate. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. Replacement is based on dealer assessment where a replacement value is calculated based on the amount of tread used. The cost of your replacement tyre is covered, however, there may still be a charge for fitting and balancing, please consult your Maxxis dealer.

Guarantee Exclusions

  • Damage sustained through competition use
  • Unsuitable use, where the technical characteristics of the tyre are incompatible with use eg. irregular and/or premature wear caused by non-asphalt road surfaces or roads in poor state of repair
  • Repairable damage to the tread area
  • Acts of vandalism or theft
  • Damage due to the poor fitting or removal of a wheel and/or tyre
  • Acts of God, fire, accident damage or ensuring problems
  • Problems resulting from not following prescribed tyre inflation pressures
  • The use of defective and/or unsuitable wheels
  • Loads exceeding prescribed limits set by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Towing trailers of a weight and/or size in excess of vehicle specifications
  • Damage due to improper use and/or prolonged use of snow chains
  • Load indices, speed ratings and tyre sizes not corresponding to the vehicle's registration documents
  • Deterioration caused by prolonged contact with acids, solvents, hydrocarbons or mineral oils
  • Wear caused as a result of mechanical defect in the vehicle
Be safe* Maxxis recommends the following key areas are checked to ensure that your tyres continue to perform with the safety, grip and reliability you demand. The following should be checked on a regular basis:

Tread Depth

  • All car tread depths including the spare, must be within the legal minimum limit of 1.6mm of tread in continuous band throughout the central 3/4 of the tread width and over the whole circumference of the tyre. Most safety advisors however recommend tyres be changed at 3.0mm
  • Grip diminishes progressively with wear and as a consequence stopping distances, especially in the wet, become greater.

Tyre pressure

Check your tyre pressure, from cold, regularly. Over or under inflation can both cause problems. Not enough tyre pressure can lead to
  • A reduction in grip
  • Structural damage due to excessive overheating
  • Irregular and premature wear of the shoulder areas of the tyre leading to early replacemnt
Too much tyre pressure can lead to
  • Excessive wear on the centre of the tread and hence early replacement
  • A greater chance of a tyre blow-out
  • A less comfortable driving experience
  • Greater vulnerability to obstacles in the road

Tracking and alignment

In order to ensure you receive the maximum life from your Maxxis tyres and to validate the guarantee, LTC tyres require you to visit any LTC tyres branch for your FREE wheel alignment check and tyre safety check every 6 months from date of purchase Tracking and wheel alignment should be checked at regular intervals. Poor alignment and tracking causes irregular and rapid tyre wear resulting in the need to replace tyre more frequently. Inspect your tyres for usual damage If cuts or bulges in the sidewall are visible, take the tyre to your tyre retailer immediately. Uneven wear can identify issues with tracking, wheel alignment and axle geometry. Regularly examine wheels for deformation and damage which could in turn damage the tyre. If a tyre suffers a violent impact, have it checked over at your tyre retailer as soon as possible, even if there is no visible damage.

Maxxis Lifetime Guarantee

How to claim

To make a claim under the terms of your Maxxis guarantee, please  take your tyre(s) to your local Maxxis dealer. (The use of the guarantee in respect of tyre(s) invalidates any further claims).

The Guarantee

  1. A tyre with 80% or more tread remaining will be replaced with a new Maxxis tyre of the same size and type (or corresponding type if range has changed).
  2. Tyres with less than 80% of the tread remaining will be replaced subject to changes based on the flooring scale.

Customer guarantee discount scale

Tread depth remaining Dealer discount to customer
More than 80% Free replacement tyre
More than 60% Less than 80% 80% discount to customer
More than 40% Less than 60% 60% discount to customer
More than 20% Less than 40% 40% discount to customer
Less than 20% No discount to customer

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